“Takes all the stress and strain away of dealing with creditors directly, particularly when you cant see the wood from the trees”

August 7, 2012

When you find yourself in this position to have someone you can turn too who brings calmness, professionalism andhumility to the situation is worth its weight in gold. in my case I lost my job which meant all the balls I had been juggling for many years to keep myself afloat came tumbling down all at once.

I tried to speak to my loan and credit card providers to sort something out before I got into trouble and was met with a brick wall of “we cant do anything for you until you default” which in my view is absolutely ludicrous. I also tried the Free services which were useless too unless you were already in a mess.

In Control were recommended to me by a friend who had found themselves in the same position, I was suspicious in the first instance but soon found that I couldnt cope with the stress of dealing with some of the creditors who were awful to deal with baring in mind I had never defaulted before.

In control took the whole situation away from me and negotiated payment plans with my creditors, I have paid them religiously for five years and now I am completely debt free.

I personally have learnt some important lessons from this situation and now when I am badgered in supermarkets to take out the new credit card or offered loans and overdrafts I politely decline.

I feel that had I not had In Control to turn too, this would have been a whole different story.



Another 5/5 review from via Trustpilot