“InControl literally changed my life!”

September 12, 2012

I went to InControl out of desperation. Let’s face it, you don’t go an see these guys if you’re financially stable. I had a lot of debt, it seemed that I was in this vicious circle of constantly moving money from place to another just to keep on top of things.
In the end I contacted InControl. They assigned me my own account manager who went through all of my finances with me and explained what would happen next.
I week or so later I was given a statement of my revised expenditure. I’m not exaggerating here, my expenses when down by 50% literally over night.
What I liked the most about InControl is that they take their fee from your monthly payment (I think it was 15% when I was with them), but say for instance once particular month you had some extra cash and decided to pay extra, they would still only take the 15% from the original payment so anything over your normal payment went 100% on your debt.
Anyway, long story short I was with them for 5 years. It’s now 7 years on and I’m totally debt free, my credit rating is good and I don’t have a single financial worry – all thanks to these guys.
If you’re having problems with your finances phone these guys straight away, they will literally change your life!

A 5/5 Review by Kevin on Trustpilot.com