“Incontrol got me back in control! Gold Star!”

September 19, 2012

Since you took over the account the service from InControl has been fantastic. Although previous to that I was told by my initial contact that my debt would be cleared in 6 years at the payments arranged, however as the years passed and Lloyds added interest and charges that turned out not to be the case. – I feel there was a major change over for InControl since I received a letter about a company ownership / name change, and since then the service has been impeccable.
My dealings with yourself have always been attentive and responsive, and seem happy to help with anything I’ve needed.
Bottom line is that InControl provided an excellent service, at a reasonable rate. Being able to pay my debt in manageable chunks and then to get an early settlement offer is worth so much more than the admin fee you charge!
Thanks to InControl, I am now debt free and in a position to become a homeowner without bankruptcy , CCJ’s or bailiffs.

Daniel leaves a 5/5 review on Trustpilot.com