“In Control helped me get out of a nightmare debt scenario”

September 12, 2012

I graduated from university with spiraling debts, I ended up with two credit card bills, a huge overdraft and a loan which was originally intended to clear the credit cards.

Although I had a well paid sales job I was struggling to even meet the minimum repayments after covering the rest of my bills.

The stress of all the debt letters hitting my doormat every month was affecting my relationship with my girlfriend and my friends.

At this point I called In Control Debt Solutions Ltd and my stress levels began to fall.

They calculated what I could reasonably afford to pay based on my income and outgoings. One of the things I really liked is they took over all communications with my debtors so I never had to read another angry letter of take rude phone calls from banking call centres, this massively reduced my stress levels.

A few years later I was debt free, paying a lot less interest to the banks than I would have. I have never taken out another credit card since!

If you are struggling with debt that banks have thrown at you and it is beginning to upset you, call In Control Debt Solutions Ltd.

A 5/5 review by Ronan M on Trustpilot.com