We can help with your Pounds to Pocket debt

If you owe money to Pounds to Pocket and are struggling with one or more other debts, a Debt Management Plan with InControl could be the solution for you.

As one of only a few companies able to offer the new Protocol Compliant Debt Management Plans, using InControl to manage your debts will help you in a number of ways;

  • Pounds to Pocket and your other creditors must give you a breathing space of 30 days
  • Pounds to Pocket and your other creditors must suspend collection activity whilst we prepare your debt management plan
  • Pounds to Pocket and your other creditors should accept our proposals for repayment
  • Providing you maintain payments into your Protocol Compliant DMP, there is no need for Pounds to Pocket and your other creditors to contact you again until you are debt free.

Call us today on 0800 072 6623 or fill in the Quick Debt Help form on the right.

We will complete a free financial assessment and (subject to you qualifying for a Protocol Compliant DMP) we will send you a debt management pack to complete and return to us.

We aim to stop further action (including interest and charges) from your creditors within 48 hours of receiving your paperwork.

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Number of InControl clients with this debt: 38

Pounds to Pocket is a payday lender.We have noticed a sharp increase in the number of people seeking help with multiple payday lenders such as Pounds to Pocket over the last few years.Payday lenders charge incredibly high APR’s sometimes as much as 4000% but the term of these loans are so short that it’s difficult to draw comparisons to traditional credit accounts using the APR rate.

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Creditor Information

Pounds to Pocket,
483 Green Lanes,
N13 4BS
Tel: 0800 016 3111
Fax: 0808 101 1381

Facts & Figures

InControl deal with Pounds to Pocket

Total debt under management:
Total repaid:
Average Balance:
Average Payment:

Know Your Rights

Companies such as Pounds to Pocket should comply with the Rules and Guidance set out by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Pounds to Pocket cannot refuse to deal with InControl as your appointed representative
  • If you appoint InControl, Pounds to Pocket should NOT contact you if you have asked them to speak to us.
  • Pounds to Pocket should NOT harass you by calling you frequently or making threatening statements or gestures.
  • Pounds to Pocket should NOT pressure you into paying in full or in large instalments.