Are you in Persistent debt?

Has your credit card company increased your minimum repayments?

If you have been paying more in interest and charges on your credit card than off your balance for some time (known as ‘persistent debt’), you may receive a letter from your credit card company advising you that they are changing the terms and conditions and your minimum payment is about to increase.
When you increase your payment, you will clear your balance quicker and you will pay less in interest.

Saving interest sounds great! (but can you afford the new payment?)

What if there’s no way you can afford the new payment? Perhaps you have more credit cards which will see a similar increase in payment. Maybe you have other commitments such as personal loan repayments or hire purchase debts?

If your creditors are demanding more from you than you can afford, we can provide you with the correct advice whatever your situation. Fill in the quick contact form or call us on 0800 072 6623 to speak to a debt advisor. Certain debt solutions also have the advantage of freezing interest and charges, though your credit rating is likely to be affected.

Try our disposable income calculator to see how much you have left each month after paying your general household expenses.

Below is a list of the most popular credit card providers we deal with every day.

Aqua Card

InControl currently manage 78 debts, totalling £42,965.38
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Beneficial Card

InControl currently manage 12 debts, totalling £41,121.18
More Information...

Lombard Mastercard

InControl currently manage 7 debts, totalling £19,334.49
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Santander Cards Uk Ltd

InControl currently manage 25 debts, totalling £14,485.59
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InControl currently manage 16 debts, totalling £11,884.71
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Argos Mastercard

InControl currently manage 14 debts, totalling £6,837.74
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