Payday Lender

Payday loans are short-term cash loans with a repayment term of 1 month and were designed to help tide people over until their next payday. They have rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years and have gained notoriety due to their astronomical APR rates which can be as high as 4500% APR.

This rate is actually mis-leading though, as APR (Annual Perentage Rate) is a more reliable measure of finance costs over a longer period than 1 month. However, that is not to say that borrowing on these terms is cheap when compared to similar sources such as credit unions who charge between 1 and 2% per month as opposed to 1% per day.

Instead of borrowing more and more at high interest rates, it could be time to consider bringing all of your debts together in one monthly payment and usually interest free.

Here at InControl, we often take on new customers who have multiple payday loan accounts. We deal with all the main payday loan companies and can help put a stop to the payday trap. Is your payday lender listed below? Use the search function and rate & review your payday lender - we'd love to hear your reviews good or bad!

H&T Pawnbrokers

InControl currently manage 8 debts, totalling £2,075.52
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MEM Consumer Finance

InControl currently manage 9 debts, totalling £1,851.64
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Debit Card Loans Ltd

InControl currently manage 3 debts, totalling £424.00
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