Mr M moved his debt management plan to InControl

September 12, 2012

Mr M came to us in 2009 when he had become disillusioned with another debt management provider who failed to keep him updated and did not manage to stop his creditors pursuing him.
3 years down the line and he has now managed to reduce his total amount of creditors from 16 to 8 by settling debts as and when he has any surplus funds.

During this time all of his creditors have been on interest and frozen arrangements so he is able to chip away at them. The creditors that he was originally over committed with were a diverse range, with everything from Mint Classic Credit card and Natwest Card to South East Water and Allied International Credit and everything in between.

He is in course to be debt free within the next 6 years, but knowing Mr M he should shave some time off of that with some further settlements.