Take control of your finances with these free online budgeting apps

December 5, 2014
Lucy_2 (Custom)
 By Lucy Palmer-Richeson


So, you’ve made your budget and you’re sticking to it. But then something gets in the way and you have a blip, be it down to lack of will-power, stress, forgetting to write down a purchase; we’re all human, we’ve all been there, and beating yourself up about it will only make the problem worse.

Luckily, there are some excellent online budgeting apps that can help you stay on track and help take some of the stress out of setting a budget and sticking to it. Finding the right one for you can make budgeting much more manageable, and lead to a brighter financial future.

Here are three of our favourite online budget planners. All are completely free, and all three are particularly security and privacy conscious.

Budgetbrain is a free online budget planner, designed and developed by financial expert Martin Lewis. As well as the online app, which gives you an idea of your true expenditure by breaking spending down into many smaller categories, there are also Excel spreadsheet and Open Office versions available. The planner requires an hour or so of your time to track all your financial information, and in return you will have a true picture of your income expenditure, making it easier to take back control of your finances.


Budgetpulse is another online app that can help you manage a budget. On top of that, Budgetpulse also allows you to set up savings goals that can be made public or private. If made public, they can be shared with family or friends who can help track your progress. They’re then able, if they choose to, to make donations via Paypal or Amazon to help you reach your financial goals.


Money Dashboard allows you to take all your financial information from credit cards, bank and savings accounts and link them altogether in one place, giving you a real time view of your finances. Then you can easily track income and expenditure and see how much you have available for the rest of the month. It is the UK’s answer to the very popular online budget planner MINT.

Hopefully, one of these apps will help you get back on track with your budgeting. They won’t do all the work for you, but they’ll certainly make the act of budgeting less overwhelming and lead you in the right direction financially. Good luck!