The UK’s Debt Hotspots Revealed

November 13, 2014

Luke-Notley small (Custom)The UK postcodes which have the highest levels of debt per capita have been released, and it is not good news for the citizens of the Peterborough regions of Coates, Hampton, Folksworth, Yaxley and Whittlesey. The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) and the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) have released an updated version of the debt hotspot list we published in July.

An average debt per person was calculated by dividing the total outstanding balances of a town and then dividing by the population. With a total outstanding balance of £348,180 and an average personal loan debt of £1,978; the Peterborough post code sector of PE7 0 has the highest level of debt per capita.

The Newcastle post code of NE13 9 and the London post code EC1V 2 follow close behind in second and third respectively. The debt figures do not include secured debts such as mortgages, featuring only unsecured personal loan debts.

The Top Ten

Ranking Area Post Code Personal Loan Debt Per-Capita
1 Peterborough PE7 0 £1.978
2 Newcastle NE13 9 £1.648
3 London EC1V 2 £1.523
4 Preston PR 7 7 £1.401
5 Milton Keynes MK42 6 £1.381
6 Leeds LS17 0 £1.380
7 London W1S 1 £1.363
8 Swindon SN1 7 £1.351
9 Hull HU1 3 £1.325
10 Leeds LS1 2 £1.323


The figures have been collected with the cooperation of major high street banks including Barclays, HSBC, Santander and the RBS Group amongst other lenders.

Mortgage Debt

The CML discovered the highest level of mortgage debt was the South West London post code of SW18 3, which owed a total of £667,016,786 in mortgage repayments. The post code of IV48 8 on the Isle of Skye in Scotland has the lowest mortgage debt – totalling at just £622,111.

CML Director General, Paul Smee, was unsurprised with this result: “As you would expect strong levels of mortgage lending are broadly correlated with those areas where there is a strong resident population.”

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