We can help with Bailiff debt in many ways, from preventing repossession of your goods to settling outstanding debts in full.

Bailiffs are usually employed by private recovery firms acting on behalf of creditors. They have the right to remove the debtors possessions in order that they can be sold in lieu of payment for the debt, though this can only ever be done once a rigid collections procedure has been carried out.

They are notoriously difficult to deal with and will often resort to tactics that include entering via windows or simply pushing past whoever opens the door before they realise what's happening.

A debtor should never allow a bailiff to enter their premises, even if it is to pay them money, nor should they sign any document the bailiff leaves them. If you do wish to speak with a bailiff, you should arrange a meeting on neutral ground.

If a Bailiff has already gained access to a property once, they automatically have the right to enter again. This means that if you allow them access to hand you some documents or even just talk, they are legally able to force an entry later on regardless of if you are present at the time. Many Bailiffs operate very close to the edge of the law, and dealing with them can be a highly unpleasant and distressing experience. If you are expecting a visit from bailiffs, it's advisable to make sure that children or elderly relatives do not answer the door.

The laws regarding Bailiffs are complicated and vary considerably according to individual situations, so for in-depth information, please contact us.

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